Update References Picky Eaters and Eating disorders from International Journal of Eating Disorders

Update References Picky Eaters and Eating disorders from International Journal of Eating Disorders , March 2012, Volume 45, Issue 2, Pages 155–306

  • Review Articles The emergence of eating pathology after bariatric surgery: A rare outcome with important clinical implications (pages 179–184) Joanna M. Marino, Troy W. Ertelt, Kathy Lancaster, Kristine Steffen, Lisa Peterson, Martina de Zwaan and James E. Mitchell
  • Stressful life events predict eating disorder relapse following remission: Six-year prospective outcomes (pages 185–192). Carlos M. Grilo, Maria E. Pagano, Robert L. Stout, John C. Markowitz, Emily B. Ansell, Anthony Pinto, Mary C. Zanarini, Shirley Yen and Andrew E. Skodol
  • Mandometer treatment not superior to treatment as usual for anorexia nervosa (pages 193–201). Annemarie A. van Elburg, Jacquelien J.G. Hillebrand, Chaim Huyser, Maartje Snoek, Martien J.H. Kas, Hans W. Hoek and Roger A.H. Adan
  • Challenges in conducting a multi-site randomized clinical trial comparing treatments for adolescent anorexia nervosa (pages 202–213). James Lock, Harry Brandt, Blake Woodside, Stewart Agras, W. Katherine Halmi, Craig Johnson, Walter Kaye and Denise Wilfley
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  • Why men should be included in research on binge eating: Results from a comparison of psychosocial impairment in men and women (pages 233–240). Ruth H. Striegel, Richard Bedrosian, Chun Wang and Steven Schwartz
  • Mealtimes on eating disorder wards: A two-study investigation (pages 241–246). Stacey Long, Deborah J. Wallis, Newman Leung, Jon Arcelus and Caroline Meyer
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  • The predictive validity of the DEBQ-external eating scale for eating in response to food commercials while watching television (pages 257–262). Tatjana van Strien, C. Peter Herman and Doeschka Anschutz
  • Eating behavior in anorexia nervosa: Before and after treatment (pages 290–293). Laurel E.S. Mayer, Janet Schebendach, Lindsay P. Bodell, Rebecca M. Shingleton and B. Timothy Walsh
  • Differential weight restoration on olanzapine versus fluoxetine in identical twins with anorexia nervosa (pages 294–297). Vikas Duvvuri, Taya Cromley, Megan Klabunde, Kerri Boutelle and Walter H. Kaye
  • Eructophilia in bulimia nervosa: A clinical feature (pages 298–301). William R. Jones and John F. Morgan
  • A dangerous combination of binge and purge (pages 302–304). Alison Culkin, Simon M. Gabe, Simon T.C. Peake and Julian M. Stern
  • High dosage of aripiprazole-induced dysphagia (pages 305–306). Ta-Wei Lin, Bo-Shyan Lee, Yi-Cheng Liao, Nan-Ying Chiu and Wen-Yu Hsu

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