Food allergy and seronegative arthritis: report of two cases.

Clin Rheumatol. 2001;20(4):279-81.

Food allergy and seronegative arthritis: report of two cases.

Pacor ML, Lunardi C, Di Lorenzo G, Biasi D, Corrocher R.

Department of Clinical and Experrimental Medicine, Policlinico GB Rossi, University of Verona, Italy.


The link between food allergy and arthritis is still a matter for debate. Here we report two cases of patients suffering from arthritis sustained by food allergy. Diagnosis was performed on the basis of a 2-week elimination diet followed by an open and double-blind challenge test which was repeated three times. Both patients had a previous medical history of food allergy/intolerance. As the number of patients with joint complaints sustained by food allergy is very small it makes no sense to put all patients on diet. A previous medical history of food intolerance is one of the main reasons to start the long and difficult path towards a diagnosis of food allergy.

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